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DropBot Chip Top Plates (Pack of Five)

DropBot Chip Top Plates (Pack of Five)

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We know that "nothing lasts forever," and this is certainly true of microfluidic chips. In digital microfluidics, it is often the transparent DropBot Chip "Top Plate" (DBCTP) that wears out first. 

This product, a pack of five DBCTPs, is designed to solve this problem. These top plates are identical to those that come with our standard DropBot chip, and have been rigorously tested to allow us to guarantee 'perfect' performance.

Each pack includes:

  • 5x 50 x 25 mm x 0.7 mm thick ITO-coated glass (8-12 ohms/sq), each with a hydrophobic fluoropolymer coating on top and edges (for active dispensing from reservoirs)

Discounts are available for large orders, and custom designs can be manufactured upon request. Contact us to discuss and let’s start something great together!

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