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Reconfigurable. Versatile. Imaginative.

Next generation digital microfluids for anyone who wants to miniaturize and automate their research.

DropBot v3 in Action

Our portable and easy-to-use DropBot platform uses digital microfluidics to transform lab experiments into software instructions that can be optimized, shared to the cloud, and replicated anywhere in the world with perfect fidelity.

  • "My compliments for such a beautifully working system."

    - Dr. Burcu Gumuscu-Sefunc, Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • "Sci-Bots is enabling us to explore exciting opportunities of miniaturizing tedious experimental processes in life science discoveries and creating new avenues to bring patient care from lab benches to everyday life.”

    - Dr. Yuguang Liu, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Mayo Clinic
  • "We are very pleased with the DropBot that we purchased. We find the system very robust and user-friendly. Also, the Sci-Bots DMF chips are very robust and work well.”

    - Amir Hillman, PhD student, Tel Aviv University

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