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DropBot Chip

DropBot Chip

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There are many imitators, but only one DropBot Chip! Each of our DropBot Chip is carefully and extensively assessed with our 10-point quality control process. We guarantee 'perfect' droplet actuation across all electrodes and compatibility for standard use with the DropBot v3.0 system for the lifetime of the chip.

Discounts are available for orders of 100+ DropBot Chips and custom designs can be manufactured upon request. Contact us to discuss and let’s start something great!

Bottom Plate

  • 0.9 mm Soda Lime glass
  • High Reflective Chrome electrodes
  • Vapour-deposited dielectric coating (6 μm)
  • Hydrophobic fluoropolymer coating

Top Plate

  • 0.7 mm ITO-coated glass (8-12 ohms/sq)
  • Hydrophobic fluoropolymer coating

There is a 180 μm gap height between top and bottom plates

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