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DropBot Lite

DropBot Lite

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There are many imitators, but only one official DropBot, which has been referenced in more than 250 academic publications (see Google Scholar for a list) and is used for a wide range of applications in chemistry, biology, and medicine. 

Are you already an expert DropBot user? If so, DropBot Lite may be right for you! DropBot Lite includes:

  • DropBot v3.0
  • Full HD USB Webcam
  • Magnetic Webcam Mount
  • Webcam Arm
  • USB A/B Cable
  • Chip Spacer
  • 60W 12V Power Supply (supports input voltages of 100–240 VAC, terminated by three prong, US-style plug)
  • Instructions for installing and operating the latest version of our open-source MicroDrop software platform, the intuitive graphical user interface for DropBot 3.0

To discuss obtaining customized DropBots for OEM applications, feel free to contact us.

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