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DropBot Passive Dispenser (Pack of Five)

DropBot Passive Dispenser (Pack of Five)

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Digital microfluidics supports a unique phenomenon known as passive dispensing, which has been widely used for reagent metering, as well as for two-dimensional and three-dimensional cell culture. Briefly, when an aqueous droplet passes over a hydrophilic spot on the surface of an otherwise hydrophobic digital microfluidic chip, a sub-droplet is spontaneously formed on that spot (where it is known as a 'virtual microwell').

Want to try passive dispensing? The DropBot Passive Dispenser was designed for you! This product is a variation of our standard DropBot Chip Top Plate (DBCTP) - a glass slide bearing a transparent electrode coated with a hydrophobic fluoropolymer. Unlike a standard DBCTP, each DropBot Passive Dispenser features an array of precisely machined hydrophilic sites appropriate for passive dispensing.

The DropBot Passive Dispenser is designed to interface with our standard DropBot chip bottom plates (that feature a 4 row x 15 column array of driving electrodes). The hydrophilic sites are laid out so that they straddle the corners of four driving electrodes (ideal for passive dispensing), located in the centers of columns 1-2, 5-6, 10-11, and 15-16. This product is sold as a pack of five pieces. Each pack includes:

  • 5x 50 x 25 mm x 0.7 mm thick ITO-coated glass (8-12 ohms/sq), each with a hydrophobic fluoropolymer coating on top and edges (for active dispensing from reservoirs)

Each piece includes:

  • A linear array (along the long axis) of four 2-mm-diameter circular hydrophilic spots (windows through the fluoropolymer coating, designed for passive dispensing) located 10.69, 19.49, 30.49, and 39.29 mm from the edge of the peice

Discounts are available for large orders, and custom designs can be manufactured upon request. Contact us to discuss and let’s start something great together!

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